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A double dose of Howie Mandel

July 31st 2017 Place Des Arts, Montreal QC

This was Howie Mandel’s third year in a row hosting a gala. Howie had jokes about married life and getting older such as poor eyesight, finding a grey pubic hair which wasn’t his, or farting but then you crap yourself. He did some of his famous impersonations such as Gizmo. Howie himself decided to get a college degree so he’s gone with online schooling to get into the online college life such an online college girls. However his wife decided their son should be home schooled, but he’s such a poor student  he was not accepted. I will never get people who arrive late for shows, but if you arrive late for a comedy show you should expect to get made fun of which Mandel did. He also showed a film clip where he interviewed random Americans asking them to make comments about Canada’s 150th anniversary and the 35th Just For Laughs festival. It was funny to see how people’s ignorance can be great comedy.

Tommy Johnagin was the first comic of the night who had deadpan stage and joke delivery that was mostly about family life or being a father and choosing which child was best.

Ron Funches was a black comic with a voice that sounds like a Disney bear who is there to teach us about responsibilities. His best joke was how his favourite rapper Juicy J raps about smoking, getting laid and has a Grammy award. This really makes you wonder about your own life’s achievements.

Cristela Alonzo was a Mexican comic who’s jokes focused on immigration since Trump came into power. She also learned English from The Price is Right. When her mother asked her the meaning of ‘mother F$#@er’ from some uncensored music Cristela explained it meant ‘Dad’.

Orny Adams opened with jokes about Millennials and how they are allergic to everything such as peanuts or how they are sick all the time. “How about all these people who have like five followers on Twitter? Why don’t you just text everyone you know?” There was a funny story about lowering his cable bill. Orny had the best crowd interaction with a young kid, Tommy where he got the cameraman to do a close up on his face.

We got a great surprise appearance with an announced performance from, Gad Elmaleh. He doesn’t use his Moroccan passport in the US since it has large gold letters in Arabic. He also told a funny story about faking being in first class on a plane. He asked a girl out and she said “I’m down.” He told her he was sorry and would call her next week when she felt better.

Martin Urbano is a new comic at JFL and was great. Every joke worked. He’s not too sure if he’s Indian, Italian, or white. His girlfriend scared him a little bit when she told him she was pregnant, but the good news is she’s now his ex-girlfriend. He ended his set with an audience play along of Mad Libs. I can see Martin going on to a big career and certainly is one comic to watch for.

Sasheer Zamata formerly of SNL had a decent set that began about the movie, Hero 6. She said she jokes about race in her set such as her her Korean friend asking her if she knows all the black people around.

John Heffron told us how his wedding celebration was actually a performance review.You never want to interrupt a person vacuuming because they will always respond with an annoying “What?!”

Gina Yashere had a slow start about her mother teaching her the proper language (she’s British). She ended strong with how cats are not the best pets since we cut holes in our houses for them to go in and out of. This makes us idiots.

Last, but not least was, Cedric the Entertainer. He was looking for ‘the hood’ in Montreal and was told to go to Cote Des Nieges which his GPS asked hm if he really wanted to go there. He told jokes about how he’s between being young and old. He’s young because he still wears Jordans and listens to hip-hop. He’s old because he’s got his name on many prescriptions. He texted his wife on his way home to say he was coming home to have sex. She texted back saying to pick up some bread. His friend advised him to juice all his food to lose weight. Cedric said it makes no sense, how is he supposed to juice Oxtail.

The major highlights of the night was Gad Emaleh, Cedric the Entertainer, Martin Urbano and Orny Adams who was the only comedian to get a well deserved standing ovation.

Later on that night at a much smaller venue  La Chapelle, we had the premier of Howie Mandel’s Dub Wars. It’s a great new concept which I hope we see more of next year. It would even be great to get audience participation involved.

Dub Wars works by showing a short film clip and then two comedians dub what’s going on or being said. They showed a film clip of a baseball player yelling at an umpire. he then grabbed the fist base right up from the ground, walked off with it and threw it away. Then Howie got Orny Adams and Cedric the Entertainer to dub over this. Cedric won by dubbing the yelling player as if he were upset over not getting a plate of ribs at he Bar-b-que. He was so upset he was going to leave with the plate.

Jimmy Carr was there too and added his talent to dubbing over two birds. Jimmy acted as if one bird was a comedian performing for industry people at the JFL.

I truly hope this event comes back next year with more exposure as it could really catch on to being a big attraction.

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