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Alan Parsons Magical Press conference and final Secret tour date at Montreal Jazz Fest 2019

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

July 3rd 2019

Alan Parsons is a musician, producer, arranger, engineer, and so much more. He's worked with The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Ambrosia the list goes on. At the Montreal Jazz Festival Press conference Alan spoke alot about his new album (the first in 15 years), The Secret. It's getting critical acclaim and according to Alan it's a concept album all centred around magic. Alan revealed that he himself likes to perform magic tricks. The album is full of guest stars such as Lou Gramm, Jason Mraz, Vinnie Colaiuta and Steve Hackett. While almost no one in the room could believe Parsons is 70, he quipped it's all about the hair.

Click on the link to hear who Alan Parsons wish he could have worked with and who he would like to work with today.


The next day Alan Parsons Live Project performed at Place Des Arts for the final night of The

Secret World Tour. The band plays in absolutely musical precision and brilliance that is sorely lacking in any of today's music.

The interesting thing about watching Alan Parsons Live Project is that there is a constant switch of lead vocals between PJ Olsson, Todd Cooper and Parsons himself for the most part. At one point even guitarists Jeff Kollman and Dan Tracey got a quick turn on lead vocals.. The way these guys play prog rock and makes the show itself entertaining is another reason to see them live. Olsson works the stage like a true rock star. Parsons sits atop a raised stage level with guitar and keyboard as if conducting everyone making sure this train runs smooth. And it does.

Hearing just how great the songs themselves are remind you that the genius of Parsons music is another reason to enjoy the live aspect of what he does. Songs like Games People Play, Don't Answer Me, I Wouldn't Want to be Like You or Standing on Higher Ground are just well, just so good. There's a brilliance in the keyboard /synth work of songs like Sirius, The Raven, Damed If I Do or the Pink Floydish sounding Time that are so enjoyable it makes one enjoy music the way it supposed to be, truly musical. Since it was the last night of the tour Montreal was treated to one extra song, Limelight. Merci, Monsieur Parsons and we look forward to your next stop in our city.

Alan Parsons Live Project setlist

One Note Symphony

Damed If I Do

Don't Answer Me


Breakdown / The Raven

I Wouldn't Want to be Like You




Don't Let It Show


As Lights Fall

Standing On Higher Ground

Prime Time

Sirius / Eye In the Sky


Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether

Games People Play

Alan Parsons with Ron Roxtar talking about music and the next cruise.

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