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Blue Rodeo get Lost Together at Montreal Jazz Fest

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Place Des Arts June 29th 2019

In Blue Rodeo's history they have never seemed to do anything over the top, including last night's performance at the Montreal Jazzfest. However in the end that just might

be a good thing. Although I havre to say they had a very impressive light show. Main vocalists Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor shared the majority of the spotlight singing lead vocals on their various songs such as 5 Days in May or Diamond Mine. It was also nice to see them share the main microphone and harmonize together on a song like I Can't Hide This Anymore. Keelor had a sense of humour, telling a story of how he took a road trip to California to save a relationship that pretty much ended. He then broke into a major highlight of the night with Disappear. From then on things really picked up with a country jig cover of Lee Hazlewood's The Railroad. All the members on stage gathered around and were having a genuine good time.

The musical highlights of last night's show came from all the members on stage. Cuddy was blowing way on the harmonica and even sat playing keyboards for two songs

Keyboardist, Mike Boguski received some of he night's loudest applause after his solos. At one point Boguski even came centre stage to play accordion. Lead guitarist, Colin Cripps was soloing out to great reaction on songs like What Am I Doing Here. This tour features a special guest on pedal steel and mandolin with Jimmy Bowskill from The Sheepdogs. At one point early on drummer Glen Michem had a short spotlight. Bassist Bazil Donavan was coaxed to come up and sing lead on the Shel Silverstein cover of I Got Stoned and Missed It.

So as mentioned at the start of this review this band doesn't do anything over to the top because they don't need to. They are just good musicians, playing good music, putting on a good show with good hits like Try, and Till I Am Myself Again, and that's what counts.

Blue Rodeo Setlist

5 Days in May

What Am I Doing Here

I can't Hide This Anymore

Piranha Pool

Head Over Heels

Diamond Mine


Bad Timing


The Railroad

This Town

After the Rain

You're Everywhere

Till I Am Myself Again

Hasn't Hit Me Yet



I Got Stoned and I Missed It

Lost Together

Jim Cuddy talking to Ron Roxtar about his admiration for Corey Hart as a vocalist.

Greg Keelor tells Ron RoXtar his fave Canadian vocalists are Leonard Cohen, Neil Young and Gordon Lighfoot.

Bassist Bazil Donovan meets Ron Roxtar

Special thanks and thumbs up for Mike Boguski who called me review great and shared it on facebook.

Ron Roxtar meets with Jimmy Bowskill who also happens to be a member of The Sheepdogs.

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