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Bobby Slayton brings Nasty to The Nasty Show

Ron : Bobby, welcome back to Montreal’s Just For Laughs. What can people expect this year?

Bobby : You know everyone who interviews me asks me the same stupid question and I don’t expect anything different from you. What can people expect? It’s the Nasty show! It’s the best show at the festival! Period. Now I can’t say that every year because there’s a few years I haven’t been on it. I’m not hosting the show this year. I’m just a part of it which is a big thrill for me and I’m going to be doing some new stuff this year.

There’s so much to see and do at the festival.The galas are always great. You usually have some big star hosting. Although it doesn’t mean they are going to be very funny and I can name a few. This year they have a great line-up.The Ethnic show is also great. For me, The Nasty Show is the best one.

Ron: Because you are there.

Bobby : No, I think it’s because none of the comics are doing a five minute routine for the Tonight Show or an agent or a casting director. We’re just up there being brutally honest. Not politically correct. I don’t want to sound like a Donald Trump supporter but we’re saying what people are really thinking but are afraid to say. I think the people that come to the Nasty show understand that and that’s why they’re there.

Ron: Being at JFL for so many years, do you have a favourite moment?

Bobby : Favourite moment? I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast.There’s a lot of them I don’t think I can pin it down to one. A lot of it is hanging out with friends. Running into Tommy Smothers from the Smothers brothers and becoming very good friends. A couple of great reviews that Bill Bownstein from The Gazette gave me. Every year it seems something stands out because I love coming here so much. I even have my favourite restaurants like Taverne Square and Moishes Steakhouse.

Ron : Everything you do seems so fresh and new. How do you do it?

Bobby : A lot of raw talent. Groomed talent. It’s all about talent.

I always try to come up with something new. There’s so many horrible people in the world it’s not hard to come up with new stuff. For the nasty show I have to come up with like 15 minutes of material.

I actually do write a lot of stuff for television that is clean but I don’t use it for the Nasty show. This year I might do one or two jokes I’ve used from the past but that’s only because they make for a great segue into another joke.

Ron: When you played Joey Bishop in The Rat Pack film did you do a lot of research?

Bobby : I wanted to but there wasn’t much to research.The guy was a short funny jew from the east coast. I kind of fit the role perfectly, you know? And they auditioned a lot of people for the role. I did a couple of impersonations, they cut my hair and were like “Wow! what an amazing job!”

Ron: Who would you like to play in a film?

Bobby : Jenna Jameson. I would never leave my bed but I don’t think I can pull that role off very well.

Ron : Who would you like to see play you?

Bobby : George Clooney. Everybody says that you know?

Ron : You’ve got an upcoming Woody Allen project. Anything you want to let us know about that?

Bobby : Yeah he’s got anew show coming-out on Amazon in the fall. However Woody doesn’t tell a lot of people what he’s working on, including the people working on the project. He just gives you your scenes. You don’t even get to read the whole script. You just do your scene and your lines.

Woody’s used comics in the past and I’ve been friends with him for awhile now. You always hear “I’m going to put you in a movie.” I was told if Woody writes something for you he’ll put you in and he finally did.

I have a big scene with Woody. He put a couple of other comics in it like Lewis Black but none of them got to do a scene with him. I got to do a scene with Woody. That is going to be so cool.

Ron : It’s been great talking with you, Bobby. You and I have met several times in past years and it’s always great.

Bobby : Yeah I know that’s why I didn’t want to do this interview. They had to force me. it’s in my contract. (laughing) Yeah well I just want to say this year’s Nasty show is going to be great. Mike Ward is hosting. Everyone who is on the bill has done a Nasty show where I’ve been the host. I just know that Ralphie May and Brad Williams are going to kill it. Paula Bel is great and Thomas Doyle is there. It’s going to be pretty nasty.

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