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Colin Quinn is bringing a changing titles show to Just For Laughs

July 19th 2018

Actor, comedian, writer, Colin Quinn is coming to Montreal’s Off JFL at La Chapelle from July 23rd to the 26th. Colin is best remembered as the anchor on Weekend Update with Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central’s Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn. He’s also had notable roles in such films as Night at the Roxbury, Grown Ups, and recently Trainwreck. Colin has written and performed in five successful one-man stand up shows. According to our interview he is bringing a show in transition from his One in Every Crowd to Montreal that should not be missed.

Ron : Hello Colin, it’s great to talk with you.

Colin : Hey Ron, how are you?

Ron : Good. Super busy with one interview after another. Colin it’s such a pleasure to have you coming to Montreal. I’ve been to New York a few times and I always love it. You know Montreal beat out New York in the Battle of the Bagels competition.

Colin : Aah. I wasn’t aware of that competition. Well I love bagels so I can’t wait to come up and take a taste test.

Ron : You’ve been here before. What do you love about Montreal?

Colin : It’s hard not to love it. I love the streets. I love the way everybody’s dressed stylishly. I love that they smoke in public and curse. For Canadians they have a real attitude, I have to say.

Ron : New Yorkers also seem to have an attitude as well. Your last show was New York Story. Tell us what can we expect from your current show One in Every Crowd.

Colin : The show started out as One in Every Crowd but now it’s morphed into the break up of the United States. It’s got the elements of One in Every Crowd but it’s becoming something else. It’s about my solutions as to how we would break up the country.

Ron : So it seems Montreal is going to be getting a special show since as you say it’s changing.

Colin : Yeah that’s right they are. Tell them they’ll be seeing a show that’s changing titles. They’ll love it.

Ron : I loved what you said a few years back about the Constitution and how most Americans talk so much about their rights but don’t really know it or have even read it.

Colin : No and it's only four pages that’s the other part. Well now I feel that the country’s changed so much and so have people’s attitudes. This is a good time to see where our ideals came from and this was a good way for me to do it with this show.

The good thing is Canada comes out smelling like a rose in this one. Your society works well. It almost works too well that if I were you guys I’d start building a wall now ‘cause we’re coming up.

Ron : Whatever made you get started in comedy?

Colin : It was one of those weird things where I was not enjoying living. I always wanted to do comedy but I didn’t have the nerve. I thought well I got nothing to lose I might as well do it.

Ron : How old were you at this time?

Colin : I was 23 or 24. I just realized I was miserable and that’s what made me become a comedian. It was a late start.

Ron : Well for someone who started late it’s been a great career. Just thinking about recently in Trainwreck everyone said you were the highlight.

Colin : Oh thanks. Yeah it’s been a good career.

Ron : So what’s next after this tour?

Colin : I don’t know that’s the problem. (laughing) I’m very open.

Ron : What are your outside interests aside from comedy?

Colin : I don’t have any that’s why I’m interesting. I’m reading all the time. I thought maybe I’d learn how to fly a plane or have other interesting things to do but I don’t. It’s all comedy.

Ron : You were on MTV, SNL, and other things. Do you have a favourite career highlight?

Colin : It’s hard to say because at the time they all seemed to be my favourite you know? I would say New York Story was my most autobiographical so I like that the best. That was my childhood.

Ron : Looking back you were so great in SNL, how was your time on there?

Colin : It was the best of times it was the worst of times. If I may quote Charles Dickens. It was definitely a dream. I have to say it’s an amazing place. Even in show business there’s no place like it.

Ron : A lot of your career is focused on your Irish roots as an example Celtic Pride, your one man show, including the first one Irish wake. Do you ever visit any local Irish pubs in Montreal?

Colin : No I thought they were all in Newfoundland. I’m going to the bagel store that’s good enough for me.

Ron : It’s time for the 2018 Just For Laughs question of the fest. What is your favourite comedy film of all time?

Colin : That’s a good question. I have a bunch. Hmmm… Let me think…. Well there’s one you Canadians will like and that’s Slap Shot. Then there’s an American film called Soap Dish. Then Just Friends starring Canadian Ryan Reynolds.

Ron : Wow. Those are very diverse choices.

Colin: Those are definitely three of my favourites. Some people think I’m joking when I say I love Just Friends but I think that movie is so underrated. I can’t stop talking about it.

Ron : I want to thank you so much for your time today.

Colin : No, Ron, thank you.

Ron : I look forward to seeing you at the Festival.

Colin : You bet. Maybe we’ll have a bagel together.

Now we just  have to see if Colin will prefer a bagel from New York or Montreal.  


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