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Elon Gold : Pro Semite

July 26th 2017

Elon Gold’s show is called Pro-Semite and boy is it ever. The bulk of the first round of jokes evolved around the word, Shlep. He said how he should have called the show Elon Gold Sold Out. Saying if a Jew sees something that says sold out they can get tickets through Jewish connections such as growing up with Andy Nulman or Elon’ Gold’s cousin is my neighbour’s best friend’s daughter in law.

Elon is able to take stereotypical notions and use them to his benefit in comedy, such as the top three things Jews love most. Some applauded for money as if in Family Feud it would be the top answer on the board, which it’s not. It’s food, then money then sex. Elon was quick to point out “People think Jews love money. We don’t love money. We need money so we can buy food.” That’s okay for Elon since he likes food more than sex since it’s less complicated selfish fun not having to worry about if the burger is having as much fun.

Elon used a screen for some comedy videos that we're Pro-Semite. One included local Montrealer, Jay Baruchel and the answer to the question “Do Jews run Hollywood?” In regards to that question Elon mentioned if that was true he wouldn’t be here, he’d be there running things, but he’d much rather be here in Montreal with us, and we’re certainly glad to have him here.

Elon sat in a chair for two semi serious moments in the show. He tells stories of anti Semitism that personally happened and angered him for good reason. It is an interesting serious issue that leaves one to think about the real problems of anti semitism. Don’t think that this in any way diminishes a night of comedy. He stressed at one point “I Love people who love and hate people who hate.”

No Elon Gold show would be complete without a some impersonations as he is one of the best and we got such voice interpretations as Jackie Mason, Gilbert Gottfried, Marlon Brando, and Seinfeld. Since it is a Pro-Semite show there was an amazing impersonation of an Israel Jew and their repetitiveness as well as a soldier and a salesman.

We got an encore with Elon’s Hebrew lesson on the classic ‘Who’s on first’ joke that was done with an audience member, Ophelia from Vancouver. Right after we were shown the joke again on the big screen with Elon’s daughter and him.

As Elon pointed out, “We’re different than or non-Jewish friends. We’re not better. Not worse, Just different.” That is why it doesn’t matter if you are Jewish or not you can still appreciate and have a good laugh with any of his upcoming appearances at Just For Laughs. You also get a good value for your money since the show is almost 90 minutes long. Shalom.

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