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Getting in the hole with Orny Adams

July 26th 2015

Ron: Orny, you’ve been performing 15 years at Just For Laughs. Tell us about it.

Orny : I came here as a new face and now here I am doing my first solo show. It’s certainly a thrill. I’ve done nine one hours with one more to go. My current tour and next DVD are called Get In the Hole.

Ron : What was the moment for you when you knew you wanted to be a comedian?

Orny : Yeah, it’s interesting. We had one comedy album in my family. It was Steve Martin’s Wild and Crazy Guy. To me that was smart comedy, yet goofy which is sort of what I make my comedy like. I had the opportunity up here four years ago to do a gala with Steve Martin so it really felt like it came full circle. When I was in college someone gave me a tape of three Woody Allen stand up comedy albums. I was just blown away by the writing and the persona which was so strong. That’s what I like. I like George Carlin. I used to listen to Robin Williams and count the beats. I had the opportunity a few years ago to share the stage with Robin Williams. He came out in the middle of my show and we did some improv stuff together. To me that was just amazing. Robin came and watched my show. it was such an honour to have someone I respect and thought was funny actually come to watch my show. My first Tonight Show, my first Letterman all meant something. They were all milestones for me.

Ron : In the fifteen years at Just For Laughs, what has been your major highlight?

Orny : The Steve Martin gala. At the end he gave me a bowing like gesture. I was like this is going to change my life! here we go! Then nothing happens (laughing).

Ron: I heard you pulled out of Teen Wolf do concentrate on your writing and comedy.

Orny : I love teen Wolf but I was booked up with shows and I didn’t want to pull out of dates. I may return to the show.

Ron : So what’s the future for Orny Adams?

Orny : If only we knew so I could relax. For now I wake up everyday and happy I’m working. I’m happy to make people laugh, day by day. For the future of comedy it can morph itself into so many directions. I think comedy is more popular than ever. You see more comics on T.V. and films. I think’s great and super cool.

Ron : Thanks so much Orny and continued success.

Orny : Thank you, buddy.

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