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Jessica Kirson talking to Myself

July 16th 2017

Ron : Jessica, so nice to have you coming back. I saw you last year at the Ethnic show. In fact I reviewed the show and you thanked me I believe through your Twitter account.

Jessica : You know what? I do remember that and yes I thanked you on my Twitter. Thank you so much for that review. I loved it.

Ron : To be honest I really thought you were a major highlight of the Ethnic show.

Jessica: Awesome stuff. Thank you.

Ron : Actually, Jessica you are the second Jewish comedian I am interviewing for this festival.

Jessica : Really? Who was the first?

Ron : Elon Gold.

Jessica : I love Elon. I just saw him.

Ron : My second interview of this fest was with Ryan Hamilton and he was praising you as one of his favourite comics.

Jessica : Well, Ryan, is a very close personal friend of mine. I love him.

Ron : What a great line up for the Ethnic show with people such as Steve Bryne, The Doo-Wops, now Alonzo Bodden is hosting. Do you prefer doing these combination events or your own solo shows?

Jessica : I love to do both. A lot of the shows I do in New York are a bunch of comics like five or six of us. When you have a lot of great comics on the same bill it’s really great to have that energy. You get to see different people with different styles and I love that.

Of course I love doing my own shows because I don’t have an allotted amount of time. This way I can really do my own thing.

Ron : Well you do have your own show, The Jessy K show.

Jessica : I have a lot of videos online with The Jessy K show. People should really go to my Facebook page which is just my name, Jessica Kirson.

Ron : Do you still have your podcast?

Jessica : I do. I have a podcast called Fat Pig. A lot of times my friend, Frank Liotti, who’s also a comedian, and I will do it together and people even love it when we don’t have a guest. Then we have some big names like Edie Falco or Chris Distefeno on. It’s fun to do.

Originally it was just a podcast about food stuff and binge eating, that sort of thing. Then it became about all kinds of addictions and relationships, being comics and more food stuff. People love it because they love how honest we are.

Ron : Jessica, I have to say your comedy is a very honest comedy style.

Jessica : Thank you for saying that because it is.

Ron : Since you mentioned food stuff, do you have a favourite food?

Jessica : (laughing) I eat chicken alot. I eat chicken everyday. I just love carbs. I like any kind of chips especially Doritos. I’m also obsessed with cheese.

Ron : Who was your comedy inspiration?

Jessica : It wasn’t a stand up comic. It was more the people on Saturday Night Live. I used to die over people like John Belushi, Chris Farley and Gilda Radner. Lucille Ball or the Carol Burnett show. I love physical comedy. That’s my kind of humour.

Ron : What can people expect to see this year from the shows you are doing?

Jessica : Well at the Ethnic show it’s going to be mostly Jewish humour and a few characters. Then I have my own shows on July 24th and July 26th. Now those are going to be much more broad of course. I’ll even be doing a gala (Rick Mercer) and some other warm up sets. It’s so much fun to be doing so many different things. I did it last year and it was great.

Then my solo show is called Talking To Myself. It’s a bit where I do this thing literally talking to myself. It’s kind of like whatever you’re thinking in your head I say it out loud. When I do my full show it’s so much more and things I do there you won’t see at the Ethnic Show.

Ron : You’re a hard working woman this year with all these shows.

Jessica : I know. Sometimes I only do a few but with all these shows coming up it’s really great.

Ron : Nice talking to you. See you at one of your shows.

Don’t miss seeing Jessica Kirson at one of her many Just For Laughs shows this year. Visit http://www.hahaha.com/en

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