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John Schlitt is on the GO!

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

John Schlitt's highly acclaimed and heavily charged rocking GO has been readily available since early 2020. However it's getting a resurgence of recognition as it is being released on vinyl August 7th. Not just any vinyl, but a gorgeous ivory and teal blue sky swirl color edition that is limited to a run of 200. It also includes a two sided inner sleeve with lyrics and photos.

Click on the link to GO and get your pre-order


John Schlitt is one of those vocalists that has such a distinct style and power that it's no wonder he's amassed an impressive four-decade career. He began as the lead vocalist in the 70's rock group, Head East spawning hit singles such as Never Been Any Reason and Since You Been Gone. John's dependency on drugs caused him to be fired from the band. In the 80's he took a break from music and got his life on track both personally and professionally by becoming a born-again Christian. He got a phone call from guitarist Bob Hartman one day asking if he'd like to join the Christian rock band, Petra.

Schlitt would be in the band from 1986 onwards where they would achieve two gold albums and multiple Grammy and Dove award nominations and wins. Back to back releases On Fire,

Petra Praise, Beyond Belief, and Unseen Power brought Petra too heights of success never

before seen in Christian rock music with chart-topping albums and singles. They have also been inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Hard Rock Cafe. Let's add in sold-out concerts around the world and to this day Petra is still the only Christian band to have performed at any of the Farm-Aid benefit shows.

In 1995 John released his first solo album, Shake, and quickly followed it up with the dark grunge sounding Unfit For Swine. It wouldn't; be until 1998 when he would release another solo album, The Grafting which had a more toned down feel. In 2012 John would bring back a hard rock sound on The Greater Cause and the next year put out his first Christmas album to high critical comments. In recent years Schlitt has been singing 70's and 80's rock classics in the Jay Sekulow band with Kansas alumni and Petra producer John Elefante. On top of that, he's also the lead vocalist in The Union of Sinners and Saints along with White Heart alumni Billy Smiley, Anthony Sallee, and Jon Knox adding talented Jason Fowler to the line-up. They released an album and toured performing original compositions along with reworking a few Petra and White Heart songs.

Now in 2020, it's time to GO! This is Schlitt's strongest album to date. These 11 songs are a rallying cry for the church to get out of where they are on a Sunday morning and go out into the world. He is not alone being joined by a bevy of musicians such as Scott Bernard (Kenny Loggins), Gary Lunn (White Heart / Amy Grant), fellow Petra bandmate John Lawry and others. The heavy guitar-riff working on songs like Takin' It Higher or Let's Go proves now more than ever that Schlitt is Not Dead Yet and ready to go where no others have gone before.

Don't let me tell you all about it. Let's hear it from the man himself as John was kind enough to join me in a morning Zoom interview from his home in Nashville. We talk about this great new rocking album Go along with other solo albums and side projects, how he keeps his voice sounding so strong and his desert island discs. Take a listen by clicking on the link below and feel free to like, share, and subscribe to our new youtube channel.

For more information and updates on John Schlitt be sure to visit his website where you can sign the guestbook, join the mailing list and more.


In case you haven't bought them yet make sure to get your tickets for one of the two Petra concerts at the Meramac Music Theatre in Steelville, Missouri on October 18th.


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