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Joss Stone is Soul-loose!

July 6th 2015 Montreal Metropolis

With an outstretched arm from side stage British songstress, Joss Stone gracefully danced out and around the stage to You Had Me and Super Duper. Joss told a brief story about a couple she met at a pub and wrote a song about them called, Molly Town. With no production and minimal lighting effects this night was of course all about the music and most importantly for many the voice. Joss certainly had her moments of belting it out with force but only wish there was more of it. Her voice and dancing are much like her, music, soulful.

Joss warmed the full crowd with her sweet British charm adding little mid song intros like “Do you like me?”or telling a story about her brother encouraging her to listen to music with deep

explanations and then playing a medley of reggae songs called Harry Symphony. The reggae influence was very strong last night with some great scratch playing from her guitarist. She also asked if Montreal liked reggae and launched into a new song from her upcoming release, Water For Your Soul called The Answer. This is one of my personal favourite songs of 2015.

Her charm pleased one particular fan from the balcony who shouted out a request for, Free Me (that was not on the setlist). After checking with her band if they could do it, they played it. At the end the fan even shouted out a loud “Thank you!”. Joss played many songs out of order from her supposedly planned setlist. Which in a way showed a looseness to the performance.

The crowd was entertained by Joss’ sly, sultry soulful and sometimes almost sexy dancing.

But hey at least she has the class and charm not to do any twerking. Joss was certainly enjoying herself as her hair flew and bounced around her dancing body all night. She smiled, shook hands and even received a giant flower from a front row fan. The other entertainment came from her excellent tight jamming band. Sadly she only introduced some of them and by first name only. The first loudest crowd reaction came after a popping string bass solo. Her guitarist was blazing blues on Put A Spell On You.

The female fans seemed to react strongly to the hit Fell In Love With a Boy. Joss had certainly sung her soul and newly found love for reggae throughout the set. There was a one song encore with Some Kinda Wonderful that turned into an extended loose jam session with solos from each band member including the two background vocalists.

As Joss was exiting the stage her band cranked out a powerful instrumental cover of AC DC’s Back In Black. Joss’ final charm of the night was when she carried out a big pile of white flowers and threw them individually to different sections of the audience.

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