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Journey does it anyway they want it

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

July 29th 2015 Montreal Bell Centre

After hearing Wildest Dream from Journey’s Revelation album blasting on the Bell Centre PA out walked Journey to hit things off with a double shot of classic rock with Separate Ways and Be Good To Yourself. Lead guitarist, Neal Schon gave a brief introduction to singer, Arnel Pineda and the band played Faith In The Heartland, the only Pineda era song of the night’s set. While the song is good it was a bit puzzling why they didn’t play any songs from their more current and better album, Eclipse. Even though Arnel was twirling and jumping around throughout the night the energy was lacking.The audience energy was even less.

Jonathan Cain gave a piano solo medley of Journey songs. This lead into the highlight of the

night Who’s Crying Now. Neal Schon ripped through his solo to the audience’s delight. Schon also gave a shredding solo of O Canada which was well received here in Quebec.

This is the first tour featuring fill in drummer and jazz legend, Omar Hakim. Did things sound different? Yes, they did. Not bad at all it was just that you could hear the jazz elements in his playing. It was certainly more technical than pure hard hitting rock.

The setlist featured hits like Open Arms, Lights and the excellently performed Wheel In the Sky. We were treated with two rare albums tracks for die-hard fans, La Do da and Winds of March another highlight of the night.

The night ended with a classic rock AOR heaven of hits. The audience was in full force singalong on Don’t Stop Believing, Anyway Way You Want It and Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' where Arnel was joined by a buxom black haired singer. Arnel jumped into the crowd to add a bit more to what seemed to be a very run of the mill show.

Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Be Good to Yourself

Faith in the Heartland

Open Arms

Only the Young

O Canada

Stone in Love


Winds of March

Piano Solo

Who's Crying Now


La Do Da

Guitar Solo

Wheel in the Sky


Don't Stop Believin'

Any Way You Want It


Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'

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