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Just For Laughs Anthony Anderson Gala

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

This year's 2019 Just For Laughs galas ended with comedian/actor Anthony Anderson who is currently riding high on the success of the show Black-ish. He serenaded the crowd with a sexy love song dedicated to Canada. He oozed out Barry White style sayings like "I want to roll up your rim, whatever that means, I don't know, but it just sounds sexy and nasty." He likes Canada because we're on top and our national anthem has multiple "Oh's". He knows our potato chips are fully dressed but not after he's finished with them tonight. His band was called the Horny Boys and the background singers were The Chocolate Maple Leafs.

Anderson pointed out that Montreal was a city where a black man can feel confident he can do anything except play for the Montreal Canadiens. Then came a literal shout-out to PK Subban. Another sports joke came in saying that Montreal was a city that was interested in timeshares or as we call it The Tampa Bay Rays. The best joke he said was one that any Montrealer could relate to, "Montreal is a city that's 375 years old and most of the city looks like it's still being built." Anderson is proud of his diet since he's lost over 40 pounds. When his black female friends see him they compliment him on how great he looks. When his black male friends see him they are like "Brother, you sick or something?!"

Pete Lee is a comedian and actor who was on As the World Turns. His highlighted joke was about making eye contact and wiggling his head to people on a plane because it would make them leave getting a whole row to yourself. He also realizes no woman looks at him saying they hope he ravages them all night. He knows they are thinking that he must have good penmanship. Lee was so funny in relating how motion sensor sinks are the worst since we all try our best to wave our hands under it and never get water to come out.

Canada's favourite Newfie, Shaun Majumder is a Gemini award-winning comedian who is no stranger to Just For Laughs. He was proud to tell us that he and his wife are having a child for the first time at 47. All his friends told him he should have done it sooner. He's like "How much sooner? When I thought cow tipping was fun?" He also can't wait for his child to go to college when he's in his 70's and be that uncool dad. Majumder joked that there's something wrong when his child's teeth are coming in and his are falling out. His best moment was when he demonstrated how he and his wife were having sex and they started discussing what episode of Maury Povich or Montell Williams they had previously watched.

Aida Rodriguez came on stage wearing long strap boots and braided hair. She was very confident and the crowd reacted to her right away. She said a while ago she had told a joke about men having stitches and how one man approached her to say he was very offended. She apologized but he would not accept it because he was the head of a support group for men who had stitches on their head. She said "Oh, I'm sorry sir. First of all, how did you get stitches in your head? Second, I had a baby and know a whole lot of other women who had babies. We all got stitches and I didn't start NO group therapy about it!"

Chris Spencer is the creator of Real Husbands of Hollywood. Chris has been the head writer for countless award shows featuring hosts such as Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, Jamie Foxx and Cedric the Entertainer. He was one of the evening's best comics. He told us how his wife bought him some new natural deodorant. He clearly stated it does not work. At 8:30 AM, he puts it on and smells great. By 9:15 AM he smells like a reindeer's fart. His wife tells him they've been married for 13 years, but it feels like 13 minutes. That seems sweet until she stresses 13 minutes underwater. When he was younger sex was great. These days his manpower goes down faster than Trump's approval rating. When he and his wife were younger they used to be crazy and loud. Nowadays because of the kids, they have to be quiet. So quiet that when his wife has an orgasm she texts him. There was a hilarious bit about how a man can tell how a woman's orgasm was by her heartbeats.

Matteo Lane was good last night. Last time I saw him he had a bad night and even admitted on stage the gig just wasn't working. It goes to show any comedian can have an off night and then like last night a really good one. Matteo is obsessed with watching Ghost Adventures. He's watched 18 seasons and still has not seen a single ghost. According to Matteo the host of the show, Zach is an idiot as he tells audiences he's a demonologist. Matteo was quick to point out, imagine Zach telling his parents that he was going to be a demonologist. They would rather their son be gay. On this Ghost Adventures show, they have a device that talks to ghosts. He went to Romania to talk to a ghost in.. English!

Tacarra Williams hails from the Bronx NY. She is known to many in comedy circles as The Beautiful Beast. She was proud that she lost weight and was posting pictures of herself from the beach on her Facebook. She got flagged for inappropriate content. When she checked to see who flagged her it was her own son. When her son had left home for the first time she called her husband and said: "He's going to fail." When he asked how she knew this. She said, "He's going to fail because he took only one suitcase and got a job at Staples working only three hours a week." Tacarra is more concerned with a teen daughter in the house. She is willing to park the car in her garage and eat chicken nuggets rather than have to share them with anyone else.

Anderson introduced Christophe Davison by saying he used to work at a bar called Grumpy's which is how every comic should be. According to Christophe people are not using condoms these days. They are sort of like training wheels for sex. Maybe people are not scared of HIV since they see Charlie Sheen and Magic Johnson living a long happy life. He went to a wedding recently and wondered about the necessity of the final father/daughter dance. Instead of using the dreaded 'R' word isn't it more offensive to be called 'mentally challenged'? This lead him into a sort of rap shout back audience participation. He was told by a therapist that he had bipolar 2 which he hoped like most movie sequels was better than getting the first one.

Donnell Rawlings is currently on his Funny Moves Tour. He just shot a role in The Jay and Silent Bob Reboot film, and is best known for playing "Day-Day Price" on HBO’s Emmy-Award winning series The Wire. They must have saved the best for last. Donnell came out welcoming us to the biggest black party with all white people in it. He pointed out that he loves the song Old Town Road and it's such a hit that white people liked it. That is until they found out it was by a black rapper. This song is so big it has black people buying horses even if they have apartments. As a young kid in the arcade, he used to be so frustrated when he'd reach into his pocket and the only coin he had was a Canadian quarter. His loudest applause came from the joke over not understanding the reason for a stupid holiday like Construction Holiday: "Why get a holiday for a job that's not even finished yet?!"

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