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Ken Jeong Just For Laughs Gala

July 27th 2019

Ken Jeong‘s opening words didn’t come from him as much as they did his alter ego of Mr. Chow with “J’taime Bitches!” as he hosted last night’s Just For Laughs gala. He was well dressed, engaging and most importantly funny. He was even man enough to admit he goofed while reading off the cue card introducing Sara Pascoe. The best thing about Jeong was he’s totally into being type cast as Mr. Chow from The Hangover as he generously sprinkled his impersonation of that character throughout the night. As he said even if he finds the cure for three stages of aids he will only be remembered as Mr. Chow. He even told a funny story of being on a flight and offering medical assistance (Jeong is a fully certified doctor) to someone and the stewardess told him to sit down “Mr. Chow.” Let’s hope Just For Laughs brings him back next year. Toodle-loo.

Low points :

Jess Salomon : A former Montrealer who had a slow set that was mostly about being a lesbian including doing role playing as a masseuse and her partner wanting her to be a man.

Matt Wright : A Newfoundlander that spent his whole time talking about his dog which got boring quickly. At one point Matt even commented on how where he comes from people applaud but he guesses in Montreal they save one clap per comedian. Even he knew it just wasn’t happening.

Mid level :

Sara Pascoe : A British comedian was not really a low point but certainly not a high one either. She was decent enough with nice tie in to her first and last joke. It was about an Uber driver who insisted in the car they listen to music he makes which turned out to be Drake and  in the end she ended up having sex with him.

Francisco Ramos : He is from Venezuela so most of his set was discussing his Latin accent that at times is mistaken for being Mexican which appears to be one in the same for some people he joked. He asked a police officer in his best exaggerated American accent “What’s the problem officer?” To which the officer replied “Your voice.”

High points :

Amir K : An Iranian who looked like a grunge rocker with a very solid set that was highlighted by how we all change our voice when talking to babies or animals and if you don’t you might be a serial killer. The phone messages from his dog were truly what a dog might say to you such as “Is there any other kind of food? I’ve been eating the same thing for seven years. Is this all they have?”

Orny Adams : Once again the rock star enthusiastic antics of Adams brought him a standing ovation. At this rate he might start to break the record for most standing ovations at Just For Laughs. He joked about his parents changing the settings on their Apple TV, getting out of a house if you’re dying as to not decrease it’s value and engaged an audience member about flossing. According to Orny “They say you’ll live 60 years longer if you floss but you spend 8 of those years flossing!”

Jim Breuer : As great as Orny Adams and Ken Jeong were this night’s main highlight was the former SNL cast member. Jim’s body movements and accents are icing on the comedy cake he served up that was about soccer. He hates soccer because it’s just jogging with occasional kicks on the ball and even less scoring. His impersonation of soccer players supposedly being injured was one of the entire night’s best moments. Jim dislikes Cricket even worse because they run back and forth (as Jim perfectly imitated with hilarity) scoring in the thousands. His onstage presence makes Jim a comedian you have to see not just hear. I’ve seen Jim previously but last night was the best I’ve ever seen him.

Jim Breuer and Ron RoXtar July 27th 2018

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