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Orny Adams definitely more than loud

July 24th 2017 La Chapelle, Montreal

Orny Adams show is called More Than Loud and it fits perfectly. He is like watching a rock star on stage. He expresses what’s going on better than most (if any) other comedian out there.

The night began in full rock star mode (almost) with Led Zeppelin’s Good Times not blasting loudly, but just playing. No announcement was made and Orny came out using the technical glitches to his advantage with some improv about how it should have gone right and hopefully will tomorrow. That’s the great thing about Orny, he can turn any situation into a funny moment even if it’s the microphone coming off the wire. As he said himself “It’s 2017. Why is the microphone still on a wire?” If things go wrong such as the audience being elevated looking down on him, he turns it around into comedy.

Most of Orny’s jokes were about aging and incorporated two audience members several times for added effectiveness. One was an older man in his fifties and the younger was 18 year old, Monty, who was pre dumb and advised to dream small because those come true.

While he uses some of his best jokes such as “Get in the hole” he always has new material to keep it fresh such as “How do we know cavemen were skinny? By the pictures they drew of themselves on the wall.”

The highlight of the night was about a real incident that is verified by Orny Adams printed Wikipedia page which added an extra funny line about a 20 year old asking him “You still print stuff?”. There was another printed page of people who have no lives to complain that Orny told a live morning show “There’s no Santa Claus.” Apparently this was all due to Gluten free and Santa Claus sections in a department store.

It’s almost hard to believe so many jokes can be made about bottled water, but this is the genius of Orny Adams. “It sits in a lake for thousands of years. They bottle it and all of a sudden it has an expiry date of three months.”

Like a rock star Adams is a comedian who works the majority of the stage that brings up the entertainment value of his act even getting on a chair to point out the one eyed banana. Adding to the rock star elements is the onstage angst if not full out anger and let’s not forget the spiked hair.

Thanks to Adams I will  always think I’m playing the game Operation whenever I use a Dyson hand dryer..LOL.

Make sure to not miss any of his upcoming appearances at Just For Laughs at la Chapelle on July 25th, 27th and 29th or his gala appearance with Howie Mandel on July 29th.


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