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Orny Adams got it in the hole at Alan Cumming gala

July 26th 2018 Montreal Place Des Arts Just For Laughs Gala

Why is the heading the title of the actual Alan Cummings gala? Orny Adams was the only comedian last night to hit all the right marks with non stop angry energy on stage and keeping the audience laughing throughout his set. He was also the only comedian to receive a standing ovation after his set. The name on everyone’s lips last night was : Orny Adams and rightly so.

Orny’s comic genius in Montreal was to incorporate the language issue (which is a joke to begin with if you live here). “You speak French! We get it!” He joked of the hatred against the English. “The fire alarm went off in the hotel and for five minutes the announcements were only in French. I open the door and all the French people are running down the hall with a five minute lead.” Even a quick comment of “I went to Target the other day. I know you had it here for six months! Go home America!” showed Orny does his homework to add Canadian content to his show here.

It wasn’t all Canadian with jokes about “Have you noticed the older you get how much further back in the pharmacy you go?” or how “connected” we are that after taking a shower you can see you received 85 test messages. One of the best received jokes was about the cashier asking for ID after you just used a coupon to make sure the card isn’t stolen.

Orny Adams should get extra credit for embarrassing the front row girl who was texting in the middle of his show. He was able to turn it into a highlight of his act by sitting on the stage steps in front of her saying “I hope it’s important. I’m having a pretty good set here.”

Alan Cumming did a quick pre-audience singalong which he filmed for his instagram. He displayed his musical talent playing piano and singing. Alan had good stage manner. His

punch lines and jokes all seemed to come off as cute even if they were dirty about former lovers removing tattoos or finding out which comedian backstage had a foreskin.

The real lull in the Cummings show was the almost infomercial of him being an advocate of foreskins. it seemed out of place and most of the audience with a half-hearted and confused laugh or applause.

Alan made a comeback by ending his hosting by singing a medley of Adele’s Someone Like You, Lady GaGa’s The Edge of Glory and Katy Perry’s Firework. Where everyone thought this was just a nice musical moment he turned it into a joke about how all there were the same song. Honourable mention to Sean Cullen. His best bits were about how a family of eight died saving a girl from drowning in a reservoir and “Who discovered tiger penis was a cure for erectile disfunction.”

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