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Paul Young & Midge Ure The Soundtrack of Your Life Tour

June 12th 2018 Club Soda Montreal, Qc

It was so nice to have two 80’s artists Midge Ure and Paul Young bring their Soundtrack of Your Life Tour to Montreal, especially since both have always had that sort of ‘niceness’ attached to their careers personally and professionally. After being a member of Thin Lizzy, Midge Ure became the leader of 80’s new wave band Ultravox, and co-collaborator of Do They Know It’s Christmas, Band-Aid and Live-Aid. Paul Young who topped the chats with his soulful ballads and Euro pop hits always seemed like a nice classy guy you’d want your sister to date. That being said I and others wished this show’s promoter had the niceness to promote it better. This was very evident by the lack of attendance in the audience and instead of an open general admission area the floor was filled out with tables and chairs. It seemed more like a private party than a concert.

Midge Ure walked confidently onstage dressed in black strapped on a black guitar and played Passing Strangers, the first of many Ultravox songs. With a small ray of lights shining on his

head he sang his solo hit Dear God proving he can still hit the high notes followed by If I Was. Midge showed a real sense of humour saying he was going to play a song from his newest album and joked about how that’s the part of a concert people are less excited about. He would even play another new song near the end of his set called Fragile. I really have to tip my hat off to Midge Ure for playing his newer material in an opening slot and more so for the songs being so good. His guitar playing and vocals were both impressive. Of course the biggest applause came for his closing song, the Ultravox classic Dancing with Tears in My Eyes, that he encouraged the crowd to sing along with.

As nice as Midge’s set was, it was plagued with technical problems. Early on his guitar tuner completely died, so he had to tune it as he called “the old fashioned way” and that took time. In between and during songs one of the amplifiers was picking up a radio signal. Midge even joked about it asking the crowd “Can you hear that?” The overall sound of Club Soda was also causing some songs to sound a bit muffled. Unfortunately these technical problems would carry on to Paul Young’s set.

Paul Young walked out looking just as classy as you’d expect him to be wearing a purple suit jacket, unbuttoned black shirt and black pants. While the hair may have gotten greyer over

the years it still has the spike. He was backed up by long time guitarist Jamie Moses and  four musicians, whom are Berkley music graduates and also played for Midge Ure’s set. Paul started off with three great songs in a row Some People, Love For the Common People, and No Parlez. Paul joked that the song was about politicians and how it seems nothing has changed. Young played hits like Senza Una Donna or I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down and covers such as Get ‘Em Up Joe or Slipped, Tripped and Fell in Love. We got an added bonus of The Temptations Ain’t Too Proud Too Beg with Paul changing his vocal tones. Adding to the technical problems was a drum effect not working and Paul picking up the left over set list from Midge Ure jokingly asking “Who’s songs are these?”

Paul was swaying around the stage throughout his set the way any professional crooner

would. For the briefest of moments he would shake maracas or a tambourine. At times he showed he’s still got his 80’s stage moves by twirling the microphone stand, shaking quick hip jerks or giving out a few kicks. Paul told everyone it was time to hold hands with your loved one under the table and waved his hands in the air as Every time You Go Away started. The final song was Come Back and Stay which would prove fitting since for the encore Midge Ure came back onstage. Paul and Midge traded off vocals on the Thin Lizzy classic, The Boys are Back in Town. I only wished they’d done a double duet with Do They Know It’s Christmas. After all Midge co-wrote it and Paul was the first vocalist on it. Despite the technical problems and low attendance, overall it was a very nice concert just like the men who performed it.

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Paul Young setlist 

Some People

Love For the Common People

No Parlez

Where I Lay My Hat (That’s My Home)

Slipped, Tripped and Fell in Love

Everything Must Change

Senza Una Donna

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted

Get ‘Em Up Joe

Ain’t Too Proud Too Beg

I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down

Every time You Go Away

Come Back & Stay


The Boys are Back in Town

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