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PETRA Beyond Belief Reunion interview

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

There are moments in music history that are just frozen in time and melt over he decades never losing any steam. Petra was already riding high when hey released Beyond Belief in June of 1990 but as the title suggests the message, impact and success of Petra would actually go Beyond Belief. Not only did they go on a sold-out world tour with Josh McDowell they had time ti make a movie. According to band founder /songwriter / guitarist Bob Hartman they financed the film themselves.

There was hit after hit such as I am on the Rock, Seen and Not Heard, Prayer and more. In fact the song Love was he most played on Christian radio for 1991. The band broke a record having a number one single, Prayer on five different charts at the same time. A feat never before or since achieved. After years of being nominated at the Dove awards they finally won for group of the year as well as Rock Album – Beyond Belief (1991) - Rock Recorded Song – "Beyond Belief" (1991) -- Recorded Music Packaging – Beyond Belief (1991). On top of that they even won the Grammy award for Best Rock/Contemporary Gospel Album – Beyond Belief (1990). it is still he band's best selling album in their career.

I noticed as this summer was coming along and coping that nothing was being done to celebrate this album's anniversary release. I took it upon myself to reach out to the members of Petra and ask if hey'd be interested in doing a zoom interview. With prayer and God's will all five members were positive about it and the day and time we set forward worked for everyone. Now you know all things work through God's plan.

I encourage you to check out this interview with Ronny Cates, Bob Hartman, John Lawry, John Schlitt and Louie Weaver all five members of Petra for an informative blessing and funny interview. We can only hope this leads to a full scale reunion.

This was truly the most humbling and greatest achievement I have ever personally accomplished. God bless.

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