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Ryan Hamilton Edgy Boundary Pushing Comedian

July 8th 2017

Ron : Hello, Ryan, nice to have you coming back to Just For Laughs.

Ryan : Thank you.

Ron : Edgy Boundary-Pushing is the title of the new show right?

Ryan : (laughing) Yeah and I hope some people see the irony in there. It comes out my act from a joke I did about hot air balloons. People actually complained about it and made me realize I finally became the edgy, boundary- pushing comic I’ve always wanted to be. So that’s where the name of the show comes form.

Ron : I’m looking forward to this show.

Ryan : Yeah well, I’m a very broad observational comic. I have not changed my act in that way so I hope people will see the irony in this show. If you put my face up against the title it should provide some humour.

Ron : So people can expect something edgy but still the same Ryan Hamilton they’re used to.

Ryan : Well I don’t even know how edgy it’s going to be. It’s edgy if you’re insulted by hot air balloon material.

Ron : You have your comedy special coming up on netflix.

Ryan : That was quite a thing to do. We put it together so quickly because Netflix was on a very tight schedule. It was my entire focus for a month and now we’re just waiting to see it. This is going to be my first special.

Ron : Congratulations.

Ryan : Thank you.

Ron : How did you decide to get into comedy?

Ryan : When i was very young I wanted to be a newspaper columnist and I was into Dave Barry. I read his humour column every week. Then I got into Gary Larson’s Far Side comic strips. Then I got into stand up when I was 10 or 11 years old. I started watching improv. Then I started watching Letterman. I was drawn into and fascinated by stand up comedy. I was a writer and I’d studied public relations. I had a little column in our school newspaper when i was young. I’d always had this love for stand up and the solidarity of it. Coming from where I grew up there wasn’t a stand up comedy place for five or six hours. So I just started doing it and even did it for my college radio show. I didn’t do it after that for many years but after I graduated I thought it was time and I started getting into to it again.

As far as stand up goes I’ve always loved Steve Martin. Seinfeld is another one who I recently did a show with and that was amazing to see him work. Brian Regan is another one I’ve always loved. there’s a lot.

Ron : I’ve heard comments about people comparing you to a younger version of Seinfeld.

Ryan : I’ve heard that before myself but I never really saw it. It’s funny because now I’ve opened for Jerry and he told me that people told him that as well, but he really didn’t see it. I feel the same way. I don’t know where it comes from maybe it’s because we’re both clean. Some people say i sound a bit like him. We’re observational and clean but we’re somewhat different I feel.

Ron: From the footage I’ve seen of you I kind of see the comparisons but at the same time I also see that you do have your own style and you are your own.

Ryan : Yeah well that’s what you want to be on stage.

Ron : Rolling Stones once named you one of the top five comics to watch. Are there any newer comics you think are ‘the one’ to watch for?

Ryan : Chris Distefano, I really like. He makes me laugh. Bill Handely, really makes me laugh. Jessica Kirson, really makes me laugh hard. I’ve worked with all these people though so I’m not too sure how new they really are.

Ron : Do you have a favourite thing about Montreal?

Ryan : I would love to go to Montreal when it’s not the festival to really have a favourite thing about Montreal, but I like hiking up Mont Royal. I really liked the food trucks they had last year. I remember having an amazing grilled cheese from one of the food trucks. I even had it a few times.

Ron : Any last thing you want people to know in coming to see your show?

Ryan : It’s just going to be a lot of fun. I’m going to do what I always do. It’s called Edgy Boundary-Pushing Comedian. I hope they see the irony in it because I don’t find myself edgy or boundary-pushing at all.

Ron : Well I certainly look forward to seeing your show and hope others will too.

Ryan : That would be great. Thanks, Ron.

Make sure to catch Ryan at the Just For Laughs festival.


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