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Taylor Swift 1989 Tour

July 8th 2015 Montreal Bell Centre

I’m trying to remember being at the Bell Centre where there was so many costumes, lit up signs and costumes. This is just from the audience alone. The predominantly female audience came out for a night of fun and that’s just what they got. There was no big delayed bombastic introduction, actually that would come in the finale. A large backdrop of speakers fell down and Taylor and her 12 male dancers walked up from a mid section ramp on the main stage for the appropriate opener, Welcome To New York.

New Romantics and Blank Space benefited from nothing more than basic stage props like a park bench and doors that the dancers moved down the arena length catwalk that they danced in and out of. Taylor’s stage moves were also basic which seemed just enough for every screaming fan. Taylor gave a different arrangement for I Knew You Were Trouble with a long vocal introduction sitting back to back with a dancer on the catwalk.

A neat rain on the large screen added a nice effect for How You Get The Girl. Fluorescent lighting was on her dress and the dancer’s umbrellas. Throughout the night Taylor swayed and sashayed up and down the catwalk sometimes joined by her dancers who even slid down on roller blades at one point. The catwalk served a double purpose as it was raised on one end like a teeter totter and Taylor played acoustic guitar for a sing-a-long on Wonderland.

The strength of Taylor’s appeal comes from the positivity in almost everything she does. It’s

the speeches that reach out to so many of her tween, teen and even grown women fans.

Taylor was very adamant to say “You are your own definition of beautiful and no one else’s. Two, you are wiser, smarter and stronger if you have made mistakes in your life. And three, you are someone who is probably going through your own set of ghosts, scars, challenges, struggles, problems and drama. Instead of wallowing in them you decided to put on a cool outfit, string yourself up in lights, memorize my album and have an amazing time at a concert tonight.” For many that speech alone was a highlight as she went on to sing, Clean.

Not only is Taylor barely performing any of her early hits, the few that she does perform are given new arrangements as she played the keyboard for, Love Story. Taylor sang it on the catwalk which was transformed into hydraulic lift that turned her towards every part of the arena. Back on the main stage the dancers came out in an almost a la Michael Jackson style outfits for Bad Blood. Strutting halfway down the catwalk with an electric guitar she rocked out chords to We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. I had to blink twice as she resembled a younger Chrissie Hynde bathed in red light.

There was a one song encore with Shake It Off. Taylor and the dancers were back on the hydraulic lift catwalk as it spun around. Pyrotechnics exploded and lasers were spun into the audience. As with most concerts confetti fell over the crowd as Taylor, her band and dancers waved goodnight.

Welcome to New York

New Romantics

Blank Space

I Knew You Were Trouble

I Wish You Would

How You Get the Girl

I Know Places

All You Had to Do Was Stay

You are in Love


Love Story


This Love

Bad Blood

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Wildest Dreams (contains an element of “Enchanted”)

Out of the Woods

Shake It Off

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