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The Ethnic Show at Montreal Just For Laughs 2019

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

July 11th 2019 Montreal Club Soda

This 11th year of The Ethnic Show has six very different comedians from diverse ethnic backgrounds bringing hilarity and energy every night.

All photos courtesy of Just For Laughs

Cristela Alonzo is this year's host and she does a fine/funny job. One has to give her full

credit since she is the first Latina woman to create, produce, write, and star in her own US

primetime comedy. She is also the first Latina lead in a Disney Pixar film when she voiced the

part of “Cruz Ramirez” in Cars 3. Wearing a striped shirt and large white rimmed glasses Cristela came on stage with a bright personality that made her whole presentation as enjoyable as her jokes. She was quick to point out that she was raised in a border town and Trump is trying to build a wall on the Mexican border. She tells him "Go ahead and build your wall since we use tunnels now." According to her some of these tunnels come complete with a Starbucks. She has just turned 40 where she's not young but not old. By using some very vocal sound effects she remembers what it was like when computers made noises just to let you know they were turning on. Growing up in a home where everyone only spoke Spanish she learned English from watching television and didn't realize that Plinko is not a real word. She now speaks three languages English, Spanish and Caucasian where they use words like 'organic' or 'deductible'.

Anthony Devito was up next. With his darkish shaggy hair, he knew everyone was trying to figure out what ethnicity he is. He let us know that is it. That's who he is, ethnically ambiguous. He really is Italian because what else would a guy named Devito be. He might be white, but with his look, he has to get to the airport early. In his mid 30's he has a girlfriend he feels sorry for. To have an orgasm all he has to do is look at her. But for his girlfriend, it's the complete opposite she usually has her eyes closed. He and his mother have different views politically. Her biggest concern are Mexicans. His biggest concern is that she'll say that to someone. While he was funny he spent 99% of his act with one hand in his pants pocket.

Rafhina "Rafi" Bastos is so tall that when introducing him Cristela had to pull the mike stand up high. From the get-go, Rafhina had the crowd in the palm of his hand from the get-go with some of

the loudest laughter of the night. He introduced himself being from Brazil ,so yes he waxes his vagina. Brazilian waxes according to him is a very honourable way for a country to be known for. Italy is known for its food. Japan for its technology. Brazil for bald vaginas. Rafi has a look where he's not mistaken for being Latin but a drug dealer from Croatia. When an Asian Uber driver asked him where he was from and she didn't believe he was a Latino he proved it to her, by robbing her. He lives in America now and realises how much one thing that people are bothered by is the straw. If a turtle is going to die from a straw it should just get out of its way. Rafhina hates the new paper straws because they say it saves the oceans since the straw dissolves in water. Without a doubt he was the best of the comedians on this bill.

Dave Merheje is a Canadian comic with a Middle Eastern background. He recently won the

Juno award for best comedy album of the year. He also has a recurring role as Dave Bechara in the television sitcom Mr. D. Dave had a good energy constantly moving around. His first jokes centred around a few audience members and how they were sitting cross-legged or a guy with his shirt unbuttoned to make sure he gets sex tonight. There was one audience member who was not smiling so Dave called him out asking where he was from. The older gentleman answered "None of your business."From then on it sort of set his act off the rails and Dave could never seem to get back on track and caused him to have the shortest set of the night. A bit too much swearing made it seem more like the Nasty Show than the Ethnic show.

Robby Hoffmani is a Jewish comedienne who is from New York and Montreal. She related to the local crowd talking about the construction and taking the bus to predominantly Jewish

Wagar high school. She would abandon her brother at the stop if he lost his bus pass on the second of the month. She quipped about how New York brags about being the city where pizzerias stay open until four in the morning, "That's the benchmark for your city?" The best part of her set was about eating dried apricots on a road trip. She loves dried apricots but is not a scientist so has no idea how they get them like that. After eating 16 dried apricots her friend told her a dried apricot is one full apricot. She just ate 16 full apricots in a single sitting?! She was in the bathroom for four and a half hours! Robby comes from a big family. Her mother had 10 kids. When she asked her mother how come she had so many kids her mother answered "I don't know. I go to bed I wake up pregnant." To Robby, that's the sluttiest thing she's ever heard.

Donnell Rawlings is an African American comic best known for the Chapelle Show and The Wire. He had the most ethnic jokes of anyone that night. Not just black jokes but, Afrikaans,

eastern Indians, and Asians. Donnell came out singing along to the DJ spinning Old Town Road. When he tried to get a lady in the audience to singalong she didn't know the words. He was flabbergasted that she didn't know a song that's been number one for three months. He joked how the song was loved even by white people... until they found out it was a black man rapping. The song is so popular it had black people buying horses when they live in apartments. He joked how if someone asks "Is this racist?" You know it's racist. This lead him into a joke where he asked an Asian what type of Chinese he was Japanese Chinese, Philipino Chinese, because to Donnell it's all a type of Chineeeese! He likes Canada now, but he used to hate it. The reason is being a poor kid in the arcade he'd reach into his pocket and the only coin he had was a Canadian quarter. His joke about how rock music is more violent than rap music needs to be seen and heard. Donnell's annunciation and expressionist energy was infectious and hilarious.

The Ethnic Show runs from now until July 25th. You don't want to miss it so make sure to get your tickets by clicking on the link https://www.hahaha.com/en/show/ethnic-show

Hanging out with Mose Persico from

Mose at the Movies and radio host on Mike-FM 105.1. Mose and I had discussion about movies, comedy, rock n roll and Bruce Springsteen. Thanks for the great time, Mose. See ya soon.

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