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You'll Wanna go with Wide Mouth Mason

It’s been a good eight years since Wide Mouth Mason’s last funky rocking release No Bad Days. Now the trio has become a duo with original members, drummer Safwan Javed and

vocalist / guitarist Shaun Verreault. Much like their last album where Gordie Johnson produced and played bass they follow suit same here with producer Ryan Dahle (Age of Electric and Limblifter) on bass duties split with touring bassist Darren Parris.

On every previous album there’s always been bits of blues (Bootleggin’) or a full out blues song (Mary Mary). Now they’ve gone full throttle with complete traditional blues album. Shaun plays pedal steel guitar throughout. Not just any pedal steel, he’s playing what’s called trislide and plenty of finger picking. Adding some more blues flavour to the pot are two harmonica players (Kelly Hoppe and Shawn Hall). At times Safwan is playing with brushes and Shaun using old vocal techniques that makes these two sound like they are at a juke joint night party down south.

Listen to the guitar crunching opening of Erase Any Trace and more so the foot-tapping cranking rough-rock slide of Only Child. Amongst all the blues there’s still that inescapable groove that makes it sound like Wide Mouth Mason. Another difference with this album is that Shaun’s voice has matured and sounds better than ever.

There is an album highlight with a blues cover of David Bowie’s Modern Love. The background vocals, with the harmonica and slide guitar, make you hear this song in a way you thought you’d never hear it. You Get Used To It is more country than blues and sounds like something The Eagles would have recorded.

Make sure to check out the band’s website for upcoming tour dates, videos and more.


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